Veteran / First Responder Owned and Operated

About Us

Warrior Axe Coffee was officially established in 2018.  It was a partnership born in a small garage by Bobby Allmann (HMFIC of All Fit, LLC) and his father, Bob “Papa” Allmann.  As avid coffee drinkers, the two began roasting small batches of beans from Central America and many trials and tribulation, discovered their own style of roasting.  This style produced the high quality and flavorful coffee that Warrior Axe Coffee now produces. Our beans are purchased primarily from Central America and we do not use less expensive, less flavorful beans to “blend” our coffee.  A single source bean provides the best flavor and quality!!!

Not so long ago, SMSgt Nikki Allmann retired from the US Air Force after 22 years of faithfully service. Nikki is mom of 2 (bonus mom of 2 more), retired SNCO (USAF 22 years)recoverer of 28 Major surgeries; all while pursuing continued education (BA in Health & Wellness with a concentration in fitness and nutrition). SMSgt Allmann served on 5 different combat deployments during her time in service and is integral part of the ownership and operations team.  Unfortunately, injuries sustained during those deployments forced her retirement earlier than anticipated however the Air Force's loss has become our customers gain!!


Throughout his career and prior to founding Warrior Axe Coffee, Bobby had his fair share of late night, awful tasting, cups of coffee. He firmly believes that no one, especially our first responders and military folks, should have to drink inferior coffee.

We do offer a military and first responder discount.  Please feel free to reach out to us for details.

 Warrior Axe Coffee is strong supporters of our public servants. As such, and by design, a portion of all coffee sales will be donated to military and first responders. As a company and after a tremendous amount of research, we decided that the best use of the those donations is the Big Red Barn Retreat for PTS Growth.

Papa, a disabled Vietnam Veteran, retired from full time employment in 2014.  He served in the US Army and has a strong foundation and belief in hard work.  That foundation was instilled into his children. Married for 46 years to his beautiful bride, he understands commitment. That foundation in service, hard work and commitment is what he places into the production of the best coffee available. 





As a family of cancer survivors (Papa and his wife), an option for St. Baldrick’s was also added. Both Papa and Bobby have been supporters of this organization, which fights childhood cancer, since 2009.  As Knights of the Bald Table, we stand in solidarity with all those who are fight cancer, and we aim to kick cancer’s ass!!