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Tactical Bodybuilding


It is a term that I use to describe my training and coaching style. It utilizes a combination of functional and traditional bodybuilding (hypertrophy) training to achieve the tactical and aesthetic goals that I have, and those that are applicable to first responders and military.  As a former police officer I understand the physical and mental demands of the job and the effects they have on our fitness levels; as well as on our professional and personal relationships.

Bodybuilding is about symmetry, balance and appeal: about enjoying our recreational activities better, for longer. Let’s face it, somewhere on your fitness priority list is to look better naked. Not everybody will admit it out loud, for a variety or reasons, but it is a fact.

From a first responder/military perspective, the first level of force for any gun-toter, is presence (Officer Presence, Operator Presence, etc). A well conditioned operator makes better decision under stress.  A less conditioned officer has more use of force encounter. An officer that appears well conditioned (muscular, ripped, etc) will, in most cases, de-escalate a situation just by being on scene. Physical conditioning further plays a role for decision making during high stress situations.  

Tactical Bodybuilding is beneficial for more that just First Responders/Military.  Almost any segment of the population can benefit from this style of training. However, my programs are not easy; in most cases cannot be done at home; and are not overnight success programs. In fact, the minimum program length is a 12 week program.  You will need a gym. You will lift weights. You will use battle ropes, kettlebells, sled pushes, etc. YOU WILL train all body parts (legs, chest, shoulders, back, core, calves, arms). You will push your body to its limits. It’s not for the faint of heart.  It will go in phases (rookie level, sergeant level, and commander level); it is customizable; it will get harder. It will get you the body you have dreamed of and will have you in a position to have a longer “play life”.

The nutrition portion is sensible and strict.  There is a method to the madness. It will teach you proper eating habits, whether you are on shift or at home. We don’t diet at All Fit, LLC, we eat.  We don’t exercise, we train. However it will not be boring, it will be flavorful and you will, again, have to put some effort into it. For those that say eating clean is too expensive, my answer is bullshit. It’s about making better choices, thats it.  McDonalds, Taco Bell and KFC are not on the plan. Don’t ask. You will drink a shit ton of water.

Supplement Soap Box:

Supplements can help achieve your goals, no doubt. But supplements are called supplements for a reason; they are to supplement your nutrition program. At no point during my programs will you be asked to spend more on supplements than on food.  As a matter of fact, with the exception of a multivitamin, they are not required at all. You can successfully achieve your goals without them. For a point of reference, I use a whey protein, multivitamin and occasionally a preworkout or thermogenic. We can discuss supplements further with your program

Remember, proper training and nutrition programs are an investment; not an expense.


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